13 June 2014

A first look at the Ontario 2014 results

It will be a while before the detailed votes by riding are published, but here is how the province-wide vote turned out:

It's plain to see that it turned out to be a Conservative rout. Theirs was the only party to lose in percentage of support, with all the others rising in turn.

This is only a first view. There were some strong regional differences going on, and the NDP was the only party to both gain and lose seats. In addition, the Liberals have now become the "hole in the doughnut", holding almost all their seats in the GTA, with the only significant outliers being Thunder Bay, the lower Ottawa Valley and the Kitchener/Brantford/Dundas triangle. The NDP are strong in Windsor, London, Hamilton/Niagara and the North, but they lost seats in Toronto. Now that requires some explanation!

A more detail regional breakdown is required to make sense of what is going on. Elections Ontario is relatively slow in releasing results, but they will be worth further examination.

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