06 November 2015

Better analysis using Gnuplot

My recent posting using images generated from Gnuplot was rather basic. After examining its quite voluminous documentation somewhat cursorily, I have been able to significantly improve the output.

For example, the impact of tax rates and cost of capital on investment in Class 29 assets is illuminated through the use of colour:

Adding a 2D heatmap with the original 3D chart really does clarify the nature of the impact. By specifying different colours to different ranges of after-tax cost, we can more easily gauge the effects.

Here it is for Class 53:

You can easily see that the colours are shifting to the left, thus showing that the net after-tax cost is generally becoming cheaper.

And for Class 43:

You can note the impact quite distinctly between the three graphs.I have only just begun to explore this particular application, but I am already impressed with its power.

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