03 February 2014

Tracking systems to make your work easier

Bugzilla Lifecycle color-aqua

One of the impacts of implementing ISO 9000 systems has been the necessity to be able to track issues from initiation to resolution, and changes to company documentation. There are too many instances, which I am familiar with, of organizations attempting to set these up from scratch. Such developments often have fuzzy goals, expenditures that seem to be out of control, inordinate wastes of time, and a failure rate that is all too high. And that's before updating and maintenance!

The above chart shows a bug lifecycle chart as implemented in Bugzilla, a rather good issue-tracking application that is really open-source software. It has great reviews, is very flexible, and is worth checking out.
Revision controlled project visualization-2010-24-02
For tracking of document changes, Subversion is a great open-source revision control application as well, which can be integrated with many other applications as well for tracking company documents, software documentation, and the like. 

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